Yantra Yoga in Belgrade, Serbia


Zsolt Somogyvari visited Thayasling (Ling of the Beyond) again this spring, May 17-19, and gave the most precise teaching of Yantra Yoga regardless of the floods. From the nine breathings till the end of the first group of Yantras his teaching was flawless and the whole group made progress. New yogis learned all the basics, advanced yogis increased their knowledge and older practitioners found a way to break the barriers of limitation.

At the beginners course we had ten participants, at the advanced course five participants. We even had a new participant come from Croatia and another three new participants from Belgrade.

The retreat ended with Ganapuja led by our dear Vajra brother and instructor Zsolt.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience. We hope to welcome Zsolt again soon in order to increase our knowledge and practice of Yantra!

E ma ho!


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