Yantra Yoga Retreat at Kunsangar South

A Yantra Yoga retreat with the instructor Kirill Mironov was held in Kunsangar South on 16-22 October 2021, bringing together 24 participants from different corners of Russia.

In a relaxed atmosphere, under the wide-open blue skies, with the Sun and Moon shining upon us, and surrounded by lotus petal hills, we practiced yantras, pranayamas and Guru Yoga.

We greatly appreciated the detailed and insightful instructions from Kirill, as well as our precious time together as a Sangha.

May the merit of our practice be dedicated to the flourishing of Rinpoche’s activity and the Dzogchen Teachings for the benefit of all sentient beings.

With this, we send our love to the Dzogchen Community friends far and wide!

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