Yantra Yoga Weekend in Bucharest



bucharest YY

Dear everyone,

We were lucky to host Irina Cheverda here in Bucharest during the weekend 17th-18th October. We had an open course in Yantra Yoga Eight Movements and Khaita Dances. Some of those who had never tried Yantra Yoga before had beautiful experiences of an expanded sense of breathing. Personally, I was also impressed by the focus Irina placed on the breath itself, as a way to get into the flow of the movements, which helped me realize the moments I was forcing myself.

After the Yantra we had an energizing encounter with the Khaita Dances, and indeed much joy manifested, especially when we didn’t know the moves.

This weekend came after a long pause as regards the open courses organized by the Romanian Dzogchen Community and I hope we are getting into a new rhythm. In November we are preparing for an open course in The Vajra Dance that Benefits All Beings.

Thank you, Rinpoche! Thank you, Irina! Thank you all those who contributed!

Romanian Sangha

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